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I want to call out Tom Brummett's management and support of the sale of my home. Tom was a remarkable and trusted partner. I am a first time seller. Tom took the time to explain the process, re-explain the process, and guide me to a successful set up for sale. He patiently explained and walked through comps and the intricacies of a house sale in Philadelphia. When I received multiple offers on my home, Tom was there to guide me through how to review and analyze each offer. He was always available to me -- all day and night and into the weekend. The successful sale of this home is entirely due to his leadership in action. I would have made multiple missteps had he not been there to guide me to success.
Tom has a remarkable ability to think in an almost spherical or 3-D sense. He can quickly process multiple points of data and provide clear recommendations and next steps. It's a quality that I admire and relied upon greatly. He's quick to process, quick to respond, and has a sense of how a buyer and seller will respond and interact.   
I've recommended Tom to my friends and I can't wait to work more with him on the purchase of a new home. Tom set me up for success and the quick sale of my house is a testament to his skill.
- Melanie